The Comfort In Reading

I find so much comfort in reading because of my everyday life and routine. It’s like an escape from the mental prison that is my mind. There was a time when I was strictly into romance novels and to be honest, I’m not really sure why. I just enjoyed them. But now I’ve found myself interested in many other genres… like horrors, thrillers, actions and even some comedies every now and again. But truth be told, who doesn’t enjoy a good vampire book every now and again? At any rate, I’ve completed a book by an author I’ve recently discovered to be pretty awesome & I’d like to share my thoughts.

The Stranger Beside You” by William Casey Moreton – Rating: ★★★★
William Casey Moreton The Stranger Beside You
The Stranger Beside You

Synopsis: Brynn Nelson is living the American dream. She has a nice home in the suburbs, a husband working on Wall Street, and two fabulous kids. But when the FBI rings the doorbell at midnight, storming her home and arresting her husband Tom for murder, her peaceful world is shattered.

When Tom is killed under mysterious circumstances within hours of his arrest, Brynn finds herself following a trail of cryptic clues planted by Tom himself. Soon it’s clear that her husband was leading a secret life, and now those same secrets threaten to kill her next.

My Thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I’d come across it a while back on Kindle and it was free so I said what the hell… I downloaded it. It wasn’t until over a month ago that I actually read it and was blown away by how great of a writer Moreton is. The book was full of action and it was definitely not a book you can find yourself being put down so easily… which is why I ended up reading it in two days.

I’m Back

I’m back with another domain. On a whim I decided that I wanted a new one. I’ve just been going through so many changes that a new domain seemed fitting. Not to mention I got tired of the domain name, honestly. I have been making attempts to get things together to finally be able to go back to school. I’ve also been making attempts to be better organized and incorporate more things into my day to keep myself stress free. That will include doing workouts every night after the kids go to bed. My sleeping habits have always been terrible. I just simply chalked it up to a bad case of insomnia but I figure if I have a full and productive day, with everything laid out and a nice workout before bed, things might change.

This thing with school is so important to me because it will help me get where I need to be. I want to move out of this city so bad and the thought of my children going to these neighborhood schools frightens me. My son, especially, is not mentally built for the type of environment he’d have to be in. He will be starting middle school this year and the school he’s going to really isn’t top notch. Everyone thinks he will be just fine, except me. I never knew how scary it would be having a child make such a transition and I never thought I’d worry like this either. My daughter pretty much adjusts anywhere she goes without any issues but she’s much like me.

As ridiculous as this sounds, I was thinking for a while how I felt like I was too old to be blogging but everyone needs an outlet or a place they can go that is their own sanctuary of sorts. I’ve been thinking about a lot of ridiculous shit lately since I’ve turned 31. I’m too young to be having a midlife crisis but I have no idea what this is that I’m feeling. At any rate, I’m sure it will pass.

I look forward to blogging more often. I’ve always said that I will and then I have these times where I open wordpress and my mind goes blank… even despite the fact that there is always so much on it.