Reuniting With My Passion

I have been absolutely terrible with keeping up with this blog and as always for no other reason than simply being lazy. To be honest, I haven’t been doing much of anything that involves any leisurely pleasure because of work, parental, and student duties. As I mentioned previously, I had to drop some classes but when the next quarter started, I made sure that I was ready to stay on track. I have been doing exceptionally well considering everything that’s been on my plate. My classes are online, which is convenient for a working parent, but of course the absence of the traditional social experience can be limiting.

As with most things involving the internet, you don’t really get a true feel for how someone is communicating. There is a term that has come into existence called “Netiquette,” which is basically a guide to communicating effectively online. While this “technique,” for lack of a better word, is encouraged when taking online classes, one still may never capture the tone of the person who is relaying the message. Nonetheless, as time continues, I’m certain that I will fully get into the swing of things. I have been an avid internet user for a very long time but I’m still not accustomed to online schooling.

When I first started school again back in October of last year, my major was Graphic Design. Graphic Design had practically been my life since 2005. It was just something I loved doing and was good at. Because of those factors, I got sucked into the belief that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. But after taking classes I realized that it was never my passion. I was always a writer. Growing up I wrote poetry, short stories, and short plays. After dealing with so many family issues I stopped writing. I didn’t have the time to write anymore and I most certainly didn’t have peace, quiet, or inspiration to do so. Taking courses and writing papers helped me to regain the motivation that I’d lost so long ago and I was surprised to discover that it was almost like I never put the pen down.

Now that I’ve rekindled what I’d lost, I’m finding my classes to be relatively easier and relevant. I absolutely enjoy writing, which really is funny considering I haven’t been really motivated to update this blog. In due time though…