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True Blood
True Blood

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been watching True Blood. I’m aware that the show is old but I needed something to satisfy my appetite for watching vampire shows since I’m all caught up on Vampire Diaries. I admit, I thought the show would be incredibly disturbing but I was wrong. It’s a mixture of gore, comedy, drama, and suspense. I like it. However, there are a few characters that I find to be incredibly annoying. The main character, Sookie, is one of them. Not only is she naïve, at least to me, but she comes off as a bit of an imbecile. Sometimes she seems irrational and I find that to be incredibly annoying. I’m not sure if the writers intended for it to be this way but it’s annoying, nonetheless. Her best friend, Tara, is extremely annoying. Her irrational temper and rage is that of a child. I’m sure the writers intended to show her character to be the result of a life of neglect and mistrust, but her character can be overwhelmingly agitating. I suppose you could say that I don’t like the way her character is written. Black women, in particular, are viewed in society as irrational and angry almost to a point of being unbearable. To me, that’s what I felt taking in her character, but it was more or less exaggerated. There are points during the show when she would wig out on even people who cared deeply for her. Ugh.

Anyway, my next class doesn’t begin until August 22, so I have some time to relax a bit. I like the way my classes are broken up so that I don’t feel overwhelmed with too much in my life. My last class was an English course that, despite my love for English in general, I felt to be too much for me for no other reason than me simply not using good time management skills. The truth is, I like to do things at my own pace and when I feel like it because my life is just filled with enough routine already. However, if I want to do well, I can’t keep doing things at the last minute because it does nothing but stress me out. My next course will be an Introduction to Creative Writing and I’m truly looking forward to it.


  • I can’t even begin to tell you how annoying Sookie is to me. I haven’t even watched the entire last season because a part of me doesn’t want to believe that it’s over. It was a really good show despite how annoying it was to see Sookie act the way she acted, her voice. I totally agree with your opinion about Tara’s character. She was already a lot to take in as a human, but when she became a vamp, I was sorta over her.

    Good luck with the upcoming semester. I’m sure you will do great. I’ve always enjoyed creative writing classes as well. Almost got the chance to teach one, but taught another subject instead.

    • I finished the show about a week ago. I wasn’t too thrilled at the way things ended but I suppose they wrapped it up the best way they could.

      I’ve started my creative writing course and it’s by far one of the easiest courses I’ve taken so far. I’d like to attribute that to the fact that I just enjoy writing.

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