Blogging Intentions

I’ve been blogging since 2005. I remember browsing an old social media site called CrushSpot and coming across people who were designing their own websites and blogging. It was intriguing to me and so I downloaded PaintShop Pro and began designing. It was basically random shit because I was trying to learn the basics of graphic design. I spent many nights teaching myself HTML/CSS and WordPress. Unfamiliar with web hosting and domains, I simply started out on free sites. Sheesh, it’s been so long that I don’t even remember any of them that I used. I blogged every other day, maybe, about meaningless shit. I’d always had a passion to express myself but whenever I’d blog, I’d never have anything meaningful to say. All I wanted to do was have a blog site. I bought my first domain in 2006 and never looked back. Everything changed for me when I realized I had free reign over my entire site. No ads or other limitations anymore. 

Now I barely blog these days. I’m not even really interested in blog design anymore. Truth be told, I visit my own site often and change little things here and there just so I don’t get rusty because I hope that one day I will be able to spruce my blog up and really get down to business. I think about silly shit though. Like damn, I’m 32 years old and blogging. Is that even appropriate? But I’m sure there are people older than me who blog all of the time. It’s funny because when I first started blogging there wasn’t really anything exciting going on in my life, yet I could blog about just about anything all of the time. Now that I’m older with more going on, I find that I don’t really feel the need to blog. 

I always have intentions on blogging. But then I get lazy or caught up in other things so it becomes less of a priority. It’s no priority really. I refuse to pressure myself to complete the task but I do try to remember this is my little place on the web where I can go when I want to express myself or even vent. Whatever the case may be, my number one goal is to stop coming here and talking about how I’m NOT blogging and actually do it. After all, my major is writing.