I Think I’m Getting Old

Oh, the things I consider to be entertaining at my age. Of course, I enjoy reading a good book. Although, I haven’t read anything because of the reading that I have to do for my classes. The thought of reading a book after assigned reading just isn’t an appealing option. However, during my free time I enjoy watching TV Shows and movies. My addiction is serious. I have an actual app called Seen It just to keep up with my shows. I come across movies mostly just browsing Netflix or Amazon Prime. I think maybe I will start doing movie reviews here too. I realized the other day that I don’t see that very often when I’m reading blogs. Some people like clothes, shows, and beauty tips. I like movies and shows. So far I’ve done one book review but I do plan on doing more in the future. I just may do some for books I’ve already read. We’ll see.

I’ve always been interested in the writing of scripts and books. I’m a creative writing major after all. I’m doing very well in school by the way. Some of the courses I’m taking are very interesting. I’ve been especially indulged in my sociology course. It seems like some of the things I talk about with my friends fit into the realm of sociology. I briefly considered becoming a sociology major but that thought was completely short lived. I mean, I love the subject and all but I haven’t a clue where that would lead me in the future. I’m sure there are a plethora of possibilities… that I’m just too uninterested to explore.

I was searching for a wordpress theme because I wanted something very simple that would fit my blog. I couldn’t find anything suitable enough for me. Some of the themes that I do like appear to require photos in nearly every post. Not really sure how this would work for me because I don’t take photos often and especially not just for a blog. That’s too much pressure. In the meantime I plan on just tweaking this theme more. After all, this is a theme that I made from scratch. I built this theme years ago and created numerous themes from this one during the time. I suppose it’s just easier to stick to what I know. [EDIT] I ended up finding something simple and suitable. Tweaking is in session. [/EDIT]


  • Welcome back!

    I remember how hard it was to read books when I started my first semester of grad school so I completely understand how you feel. Reading anything other than papers and textbooks is a struggle for a lot of students, especially if you have a different major. And then add motherhood and work in that.. *wipes sweat*

    Kudos to you for sticking it out. I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of you. Keep going hun! Sending you lots of love!

  • Reading is hard! I love to read as well but as for last semester, I could use a break. I do wish to at least read three books before the summer ends.

    Girl help me with a word press THEME! I’m stressed as I just recently switched back to WordPress!

    Glad you’re back!

  • It IS hard to sit and read a good book these days, unless you’re trapped in an airplane for several hours. I buy books and I read a few pages a day, and then eventually I finish them.

    I like movies and shows too, so review away! I could care less about make up and clothing tips. Although, I’m 32… I’m pretty much stuck in my ways as far as either thing goes.

    Awesome job on doing well in school !

  • I’ve also been leaning more towards movies and TV since I started classes. I still stop to read a good book every once in a while though. Nothing else compares in my book.

    I’m glad to hear that you are doing well in school!

  • I completely stopped reading in college because as an English major I was already reading TOO much. I’m finding myself going back to reading slowly but surely. School killed all my hobbies. I use this site called unsplash.com for pictures for my theme.

  • Every time I’m tempted to read a new book just released I get anxiety. It’s always, do I read on my break or after the kids go to sleep. Neither ever happen. I would have that book traveling all about in my purse until it’s time to drop unnecessary weight I’m carrying.

    I’m happy to see you back!

    Best of luck in school. I’m always happy to see education being persued.

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