Cliché Not

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” I happen to only take lemon with my tea and I certainly am not a fan of lemonade, so I don’t abide by such cliché advice. Although, it seems like a viable solution to problems, it just isn’t always easy. Summer is over & my babies are back home. It’s not always a smooth transition to get back into routine so I often find that I’m overwhelmed during the whole month of September. My son started middle school and since he is now attending a charter school, his scheduling is different than my daughters… which puts everything out of sorts.

I have it all figured out. It’s really just a matter of executing the routine and getting accustomed to it. My son will now have to walk from his school to his after school program alone, which was stressful at first but he has a cellular phone now so the rules are that he calls me the moment he gets out, when he gets to his program and if he runs into any problems. So far, he’s done exceptionally well, which came as a surprise to me because I was worried he may have been a little immature with things like that but he’s given me quite a shock. I’m sure once he gets into the groove of things, he will start making stops and things of that nature. I’m not fond of that but I don’t really have a choice but to trust that he makes the right decisions. After all, we’ve discussed it.

I don’t want to be one of those mothers who smother, but I also don’t want him to think that he can do whatever he wants either. Regardless, I never realized how much more worry comes with your children getting older and having to do things on their own. I have always been sort of a worrier, which really isn’t good because I find that I stress myself out with it. At any rate, the show must go on and I just have to suck it up and allow my son to grow. I’m already getting on his nerves and I can tell he gets a bit irritated with my worrying. His father doesn’t seem to be as worried. Maybe it’s a male thing.

The Comfort In Reading

I find so much comfort in reading because of my everyday life and routine. It’s like an escape from the mental prison that is my mind. There was a time when I was strictly into romance novels and to be honest, I’m not really sure why. I just enjoyed them. But now I’ve found myself interested in many other genres… like horrors, thrillers, actions and even some comedies every now and again. But truth be told, who doesn’t enjoy a good vampire book every now and again? At any rate, I’ve completed a book by an author I’ve recently discovered to be pretty awesome & I’d like to share my thoughts.

The Stranger Beside You” by William Casey Moreton – Rating: ★★★★
William Casey Moreton The Stranger Beside You
The Stranger Beside You

Synopsis: Brynn Nelson is living the American dream. She has a nice home in the suburbs, a husband working on Wall Street, and two fabulous kids. But when the FBI rings the doorbell at midnight, storming her home and arresting her husband Tom for murder, her peaceful world is shattered.

When Tom is killed under mysterious circumstances within hours of his arrest, Brynn finds herself following a trail of cryptic clues planted by Tom himself. Soon it’s clear that her husband was leading a secret life, and now those same secrets threaten to kill her next.

My Thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I’d come across it a while back on Kindle and it was free so I said what the hell… I downloaded it. It wasn’t until over a month ago that I actually read it and was blown away by how great of a writer Moreton is. The book was full of action and it was definitely not a book you can find yourself being put down so easily… which is why I ended up reading it in two days.