Hair Stuff

It’s been nearly 2 months since my last update. Laziness, as usual. Get ready for the boring shit. To start off, maintaining natural hair without chemicals has proven to be difficult over the years. I’ve experienced shedding, breakage, split ends, and just overall dry and brittle hair. Initially Shea Moisture products were working great for me but over time they simply stopped working. My hair has difficulty absorbing moisture because it is of low porosity. Over the summer I did some hair research and discovered a few things:

  1. Hair steamer: Dealing with low porosity hair can be a pain but it’s not impossible to maintain. I purchased the Q Redew hair steamer. When you have low porosity hair, your hair cuticles are basically closed. Using a hair steamer opens the cuticles and allows moisture in. I’ve found the Q Redew to be a very useful product and I’m 100% glad that I purchased it. After shampooing my hair, I use the Q Redew right before a deep conditioning. I’ve found this to be an effective hair steaming method for me. My hair seems to maintain moisture after this method.
  2. Protein Treating: When I started on my natural hair journey I was transitioning rather than doing the “big chop.” To keep the hair strong during transitioning, I was doing protein treatments every 6 weeks. Now that all of my hair is completely natural, I discovered the treatments were less effective because my hair pretty much always maintain it’s own efficient levels of protein.
  3. Oil Treatments: This was something that I simply was not doing and it is one of the simplest things to do and also great for my hair type. One oil in particular that I’ve discovered to be most effective is Amla Oil. Initially I couldn’t deal with its strong smell but this treatment has worked wonders for my hair. Please note that this isn’t really an oil you should apply to your hair and not wash out unless you do this in moderation. For more information, research on how to use Amla Oil.
  4. Clarifying Shampoos: These pretty much thoroughly wash residue/products out of hair when they build up. This was an issue for me being as though my hair wasn’t successfully absorbing products. Products would build up in my hair making it sticky at times.

Boring shit. But if you’re looking to maintain healthier natural hair, it can be helpful.